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Summaries of news from many sources, in many languages

NewSum reads the news for you, determines which articles talk about the same event and summarizes them for you, making certain all voices are heard.

It provides the main points from all the sources of your daily briefing, always allowing you to refer to the original!


The info you need without repetition or loss

NewSum applies advanced artificial intelligence to bring you the essence of events in summaries. Without repeating information and without missing any critical points.

All these with a user friendly, tested and effective way!


The things you like to know about

With NewSum you can choose the categories you are interested in. Your summaries may come from categories such as Sports, Economy, Technology and many more!

You can also choose to use all the sources available or any subset. Your app, your experience.


Share summaries as you like

NewSum offers the capability of saving the summary you want, sending it via e-mail.

Share through NewSum and fascinate your friends with the most innovative way of reading the news!